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When you have made an order, you will be emailed an order confirmation.
We reserve the right not to deliver in the event that stock levels were incorrect at the time the order was placed. In this event, we will contact you and cancel your order. 

Payment methods
We accept payment via VISA and MasterCard.
In our check out you will be asked for your card number, its period of validity and CVC code. Please note that your personal information is kept private and confidential, and the information can not be stored after a transaction. 
DIBS allows secure payment with your credit card. You will be redirected to DIBS to
finalise your order when checking out.

The amount will not be drawn before the items leave our stock. 

Private policy
We care for the privacy of our customers. We will not provide any information to third parties. 
All the entered information will be kept private and secure.